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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Medic Interpreter?

We offer a premium service at a highly competitive rate. Our interpreters have a commitment to the medical profession; they understand patients' concerns and complex medical terms. This means that patients are reassured by communicating through interpreters with a medical understanding. We provide an extremely responsive service with very fast turnarounds.

As well as being medically trained and fluent in another language, all our interpreters are culturally sensitive, natural communicators, reliable, flexible and have a professional and approachable manner.

What kind of clients do you currently work with?

Medic Interpreters work with a large variety of clients. These include:

• All departments within NHS and private hospitals
• Health Clinics
• GP surgeries
• Dentists and Opticians
• Charities
• Housing Associations
• Homeless centres
• Universities
• Clients visiting from overseas

Which languages do you cover?

At present, we cover over 100 languages and dialects, including British Sign Language. Please see our 'Languages' page for a full list. We are always recruiting new interpreters in more languages, so if the language you require is not on our list please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Are your interpreters trained?

All of our interpreters go through a careful 6-stage assessment, selection and training process before becoming one of our Medic Interpreters. This includes being tested in their second or mother language as well as their medical terminology, and put through a range of scenarios to prepare them for the complex demands made of them in highly sensitive medical situations. Our interpreters are trained to interpret in verbatim, word for word, to ensure accuracy of the message being spoken. In addition all of our interpreters adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines.

Can I book an interpreter at short notice?

Yes. We do not require a minimum amount of time to book an interpreter. We understand the urgent need for interpreting staff in time critical situations – such as Accident and Emergency rooms. If you require an interpreter at short notice, contact us on 0208 438 6305 and we will endeavor to get an interpreter to you as soon as possible. There is no extra charge for a short notice appointment.

How much does an interpreter cost?

We offer a highly competitive rate for a service that is typically expensive. Unlike other interpreting organisations, we charge the same rate for all languages (excl. BSL). We do not charge for travel time or expenses, and there is no premium rate for short notice bookings. Please call us on 0208 438 6305 or email us at enquiries@medic-interpreters.co.uk to book an interpreter.

What details do I need when booking an interpreter?

When booking an interpreter with us we will need to know the date and time of the appointment, how long the appointment is likely to take, and where the appointment will take place including the ward or department if in a hospital. It is also helpful to have the name of the Health Professional and patient – but these are not necessary.

It is also helpful to have the name of the Health Professional and patient - but these are not necessary, and will be kept confidential.

Can you help arrange the appointment with the patient?

We can contact patients before the date of the appointment to notify them of where and when the appointment will take place, directions if they are needed, and that an interpreter will be present. This unique service helps to take care of patients even before they enter the consultation room and has greatly increased patient attendance as it improves the patient's understanding of the situation and allows them to feel comfortable knowing an interpreter will be present. Our experience has proven that patients are very appreciative of this service.

Do you only provide face-to-face interpreting?

We believe that the personal, face-to-face approach is the most beneficial interpreting to both patients and health professionals, as the highly sensitive and often complex nature of medical related situations mean that tone and body language, as well as other nonverbal cues are vital. However, we also understand in some cases a telephone interpreter is required, and we can arrange this for you.

Are you able to translate documents?

Yes. Our native interpreters perform all translations for medical and non-medical documents. All translations are proof-read for quality and accuracy and come with a Medic Interpreters Translation Certificate. Please email us at enquiries@medic-interpreters.co.uk for document translations.

Can I book an interpreter during the evening and weekends?

Yes. We provide interpreters at any time during the day or night. We offer a dedicated Out of Hours service from 6pm to 9am during the week, and 24 hours through Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

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