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Become a Medic Interpreter

At Medic Interpreters, we recruit, train and employ students studying health related subjects to be interpreters in medical settings. Speaking another language is a skill in medicine, and practicing its use in a hospital or general practise setting makes it a positive and distinguishing asset to add to your CV.

Being a Medic Interpreter has benefits for you and your career. Apart from improving the fluency of your second language, you will gain an important insight and experience of consultations outside of your normal rotation. You may be asked to work in departments that you won't have ventured into before such as Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, IVF Clinics, and Outpatients.
The experience will also give you a valuable insight into what it is like to be a patient and some of the anxieties and worries that exist on the other side of the consultation desk.

Above all this, the experience of being a Medic Interpreter will increase your self confidence and communication whilst also improving your skills as a future member of the medical profession.
Our Medic interpreters gain practical clinical experience, making them better future healthcare professionals, and get to help their local communities by breaking the language barrier.

Please email recruitment@medic-interpreters.co.uk if you experience any problems with registering or have any questions regarding becoming a Medic Interpreter

All languages are welcome!

"Working with Medic Interpreters has helped tremendously in giving me the opportunity to observe procedures, use medical terminology and practice professionalism. I feel much more confident in handling difficult cases and solving them with different approaches"
Yunyi Lao, Current Medic Interpreter