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Become a Medic Interpreter

Face to Face Interpreting

We believe the highly sensitive and often complex nature of medical related appointments mean the personal, face-to-face approach to interpreting is the most beneficial to both patients and health professionals. In such settings, tone, actions and body language, as well as other nonverbal cues are just as important as speech.

All of our interpreters are trained to interpret in verbatim in a consecutive style. This means that our linguists listen to the speaker and then interpret everything exactly as it is said, word-for-word, once the patient or Health Professional has finished their sentence or phrase.

We offer a fast and effective service with skilled health interpreters covering a wide range of languages. All of our interpreters are specialists in the medical field and are fully aware of cultural sensitivities where they exist. Through our friendly and responsive service, you can book a face to face interpreter at short notice.

Out of Hours

Our day-to-day office is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm. During this time we can book an interpreter to attend an upcoming appointment at any time of the day or night.

In addition to pre-arranged appointments, we understand the urgent need for interpreting staff at short-notice outside of normal office hours, especially in highly time critical situations such as in Accident and Emergency departments. We offer a dedicated Out of Hours service that operates from 6pm to 9am during the week, and 24 hours through Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays at all times of the year.

We will be able to provide you with a suitable interpreter quickly throughout the night and at any time over the weekend, typically within just one hour of the request. For urgent queries outside of normal office hours please call 07590 816562


We are dedicated to providing a high-quality language translation service to both the private and public sectors. Medical and non-medical documents are transcribed by skilled translators who are experienced in translating sensitive and confidential material.

All our translations are proof-read for quality and to ensure accuracy. When complete the translation is returned together with the original script and will be accompanied with a Medic Interpreters Translation Certificate.

Whether required for personal or professional use, Medic Interpreters' translations will be carried out and returned swiftly by a pre-arranged completion date. Where possible, the layout of the translated document will reflect the style of the original.

Telephone Interpreting

Although we believe the personal, face-to-face approach is the most beneficial interpreting to both patients and health professionals, we understand that in some cases you may prefer to use a telephone interpreter. Our telephone interpreters can be arranged at short notice and at anytime of the day or night and throughout the weekend and bank holidays.

Our Medic Interpreters are also on hand to assist in the scheduling of appointments between patients and hospitals and/or general practices when faced with a language barrier. An interpreter can contact a patient before the date of their appointment to notify them of where and when the appointment will take place, directions if they are needed, and that an interpreter will be present.

This unique service helps to take care of patients even before they enter the consultation room and has greatly increased patient attendance as it improves the patient's understanding of the situation and allows them to feel comfortable knowing an interpreter will be present. Our experience has proven that patients are very appreciative of this service.

British Sign Language

We work with a variety of experienced British Sign Language interpreters who use movement and gestures of the hands, face, body and head to communicate with the deaf or hard of hearing. To arrange a British Sign Language interpreter please call us on 0208 438 6305 or email enquiries@medic-interpreters.co.uk for our accurate and cost effective service.

"I was able to see things from the patients' viewpoint and bear this in mind for future practice as a healthcare professional, especially when I come across a patient that may face a language or cultural/religious barrier"
General Practice Registrar, Northwick Park Hospital