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Who we are

Medic Interpreters is a patient-focused organisation that aims to improve communication between health professionals and patients who speak little or no English.
Initially established in 2001 to remedy the problems incurred because of the lack of interpreters on hospital wards, Medic Interpreters offer a reliable, fast and effective service with trained interpreters covering over 100 languages. Our service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medic Interpreters recruit and train medically-related students who are fluent in a second language, to act as interpreters in clinical settings. All interpreters go through a intensive 6-stage assessment and training process, are CRB cleared to an enhanced level and adhere to our strict Code of Conduct and Ethics guidelines.

Our purpose is to give patients a uniquely enhanced service, support students to be exceptionally aware healthcare professionals, and save the NHS and private medical clients a great deal of money.
We have received great feedback and positive testimonies from clients, students, doctors and former staff who are now healthcare professionals that all point to the tremendous adequacy, expertise, enthusiasm and benefits of our service.

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I am more comfortable with a Medic Interpreter as I do not have to worry about being misunderstood
Antenatal Patient